WinPCS is extremely well suited to monitor complex projects, small and huge to meet international standards (ISO, NORSOK, API and other relvant Standards)

Total Project Visibility by Costruction Areas, Systems, Contractors, Vendors and Documents

Reduce manpower: One operator can Automatically Scan up to 500 returning Check-sheets (multi pages too) per hours.

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WinPCS gives access to the latest Engineering Data which provides "a real time status of a project" and eliminates the possibility of unnecessarily repeating work, with the following benefits:

  • A complete and comprehensive set of data for use during the life of the Asset.

  • A complete set of Engineering Indices with WinPCS provides access to the most up to date information for all disciplines, cross linking all the relevant information. 

  • The PROJECT is provided with a physically checked and confirmed Asset Register at handover on Completion.

  • Access to electronic Project documents, drawings, pictures and scanned images. (through the Windows environment, keeping these documents in their original format).

  • Track Changes and Queries against Systems, Areas, Work-packs and documents.

  • Provide Overall status of Systems and Areas, including Outstanding Work and Punchlists.

  • Report status of handover from Construction to Pre-/Commissioning and from Commissioning to Operations.

  • Reports "ready status" for loop/circuits testing and interlock matrix

  • Priority settings to identify critical items or systems.

  • Interface handling, between contractors, system and areas.

  • Provides standardised documentation.

  • Shipped loose items at time of transport for installation by fabrication contractor.

  • Change and Concession register.

  • Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Procedures.

  • MC, Commissioning, Certification and Delivery status of each item.

WinPCS monitors each change to ensure that each change is implemented, tested, commissioned and certified in a safe and orderly manner.

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