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The client decides how to run their project and WinPCS is configured to reflect this.


Cost savings will be achieved when using WinPCS as it provides:

  • A consistent and clearly defined approach to Project Management. 

  • A software system that is set up and tailored to meet your Projects needs to compliment and enhance the systems used without costly interfaces and duplication.

  • Hierarchical systems set up that gives visibility and control to the Project throughout all phases to achieve the Commissioning objectives using the most logical and cost effective methodology.

  • Identification of anomalies particularly in the FEED stage and throughout the Project life to minimise the domino effect of incorrect information on drawings and in documents.

  • Bringing together all the separate spreadsheets and databases to increase reliability, manageability and accountability.

  • Cross-referencing of Engineering Information and materials ordering system.

  • Co-ordinate and maintain the engineering data from multiple engineering and fabrication contractors, and vendors.

  • WinPCS can be issued to vendors and contractors at no cost to ensure that all requirements for data are met and to verify that the supplied data is controlled to comply with the format specified for that Project.

  • Mechanical Completion certification. Reduction in the number of hard copy documents necessary to verify Mechanical Completion. (i.e. near paperless Completions)

  • Over 800 Procedures from Construction through to Commissioning come with WinPCS from a diverse range of Projects at no cost. 

  • Preparation of Procedures and related Certificates can be planned well in advanced for all phases. 

  • Status reporting and Progress monitoring. All progress at the required level being transferred directly to Project Planning system.

  • Low operating and running costs. WinPCS runs on all Windows® platforms or networks, and requires no third party licenses. Any number of copies of WinPCS is issued at no extra cost to the Client.

  • Bar-coding system substantially reducing the effort and number of personnel to input and monitor project objectives.

  • A software package that is user friendly and all disciplines can use with 2-3 hours of training.

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