Complan was established in 1986 to serve the fast growing Noth-sea exploration. Between 1988 and 1990, Complan Network AS developed for Kværner Engineering, Oslo the very first PC (DOS) based Project Completion System (KEPCS) for use on the Shell Draugen development project. (World’s second deepest - 270 meters - concrete platform structure and the largest mono Gravity Based Structure - GBS).

In late 1990, Complan Network AS was contracted to develop a Windows (386) based PCS / CMS program for a major Oil & Gas project for the Saudi Arabian government, which became the very first Windows® based PCS - system with the name - WinPCS. To meet the clients very stringent requirements and specifications (ISO 9000), quality control and testing was performed by two full time engineers from the client's organisation to ensure compliance and to make any necessary adjustments.

In the years from 1990 and to completion, acceptance and handover of the software product in 1992/93, the Saudi project changed strategy and structure several times. To comply, WinPCS was made configurable  without having to be re-programed.Consequently any new projects and changes to the application can be re-configured without the use of software programmers.

WinPCS has become an extremely powerful Project Commissioning, Completion and Management tool - that has no comparison - a tool build by engineers for engineers.

WinPCS kernel is programmed in C, C++ and C# languages, and the system uses the standard Microsoft Windows Application Program Interface (API) together with javascript and other moden languages.   WinPCS is able to run on all Microsoft’s Windows platforms (from Windows XP to Windows 8). Server side can run all Windows Servers from 2003 to 2013 and all Linux versions - with any SQL database platform. Incuding free databases that have no licencing issues in cost and number of users.

WinPCS can run on stand-alone or in large corporate or global networks and installation is done in minutes.

The system is designed as an object oriented database with a number of interconnected modules having an optimized re-use of the code. This has resulted in a ultra-fast, compact and reliable application, that can be used in large networks or on small portable computers.

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