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Our Projects

Complan's project experience is strong and diverse, spanning nearly every continent and a host of large-scale industries, including some of the world´s largest mega projects. Some noteworthy projects of which we are particularly proud of.

WinPCS has been used on more than +600 projects World Wide and simply too many to list them all here. We will provide a listing upon request to potential clients.

Complan has been servicing the industry in completion (MC) and commissioning for more than 25 years. We were the first company in the market (1988) with a Completion Management System PCS or CMS running on PCs. At that time there were no standards and everthing had to be developed from scratch - procedures and check-sheets which are now implemented throughout the Industry in divercity of languages.

Nearly all projects have Complan personnel participating as turnover engineers and coordinators in day to day activities in all phases. Engineering, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning including training, support where they act as a liaison between clients and contractors ensuring reliable information to all parties.

Some of these projects are using a central hosting (ASP) setup with our new WinPCS Enterprise version, an ultra fast Client/Server and Internet solutions which will allow real-time access through any Internet point - even through Corporate Firewalls with our unique communication protocol. Setup of new users is done within minutes at any location.


Turn Over Documents like Technical Drawings, Procedures, Certificates, Manuals and Operational Vendor Documentation assigned to Equipments are on-line through the WinPCS Document Information Management Portal. Publish any document or drawings from any location and create new check-sheets or procedures that are online within seconds. Synchronization will ensure that your employees have the latest version.


Our unique Scanning application (CDAT) with document recognition are saving thousands of hours in simplifying accurate handling the vast number of documents in projects. If you have more than 2-4 people to handle your turnover documentation and dossiers even in a multi-billion dollar project then you should seriously consider WinPCS used on your project. We will take you from construction to handover in a predictable and most efficient way.

Mobile SolutionsComplan can provide a complete suite of tools to eliminate paper, automate processes and maximize the availability and transparency of project informationback to WinPCS,which again can pass this to any Maintenance System too. Our unique paperless solution works off-linein areas and in remote locationslike pipe-lines or simillar projects were no Network connection is available. Adapted by the Oil & Gas industry on the two new LNG plants being buildt in USA. Our rugget tablets are fully EX / IS certified Class 1 / Div 1which means they can be used in Gas Plants in full operation. Our Tablet has an interface that anyone can use since all input forms are identical to the paper forms. Syncronization is automatic when in range of a WiFi hotspot or 4G/5GMobile Network.