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Complan-group takes pride in its corporate commitment to apply state-of-the-art technology to bring value added solutions to our client's Project so they can achieve their objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

We at Complan believe in long term commitment to our employees and clients to achieve a  continuous improvement to the project performance through hands-on training and enhanced systems and software solutions. Our specially trained Engineers and Technicians will deliver the optimised costs and safety requirements to your project.



Company Background

Complan Network AS was established early 1986 to serve the fast growing oil industry in the North Sea. Initially personnel were engaged on the Nork Hydro - Oseberg project for the construction sites in Holland and at Hydro’s main office in Oslo. Engineers in various disciplines were later engaged in very long term contracts servicing Kværner Engineering, Norwegian Contractors (Aker Solutions), Conoco Phillips (Heidrun), Shell (Draugen) and one of the worlds largest project in Saudi Arabia. Soon after a London office was established (1992). Since then we have serviced more than 650 medium to extremly large projects World wide.

During this period Complan’s computer and research department developed high speed (nearly 2-3 times faster than standard http over TCP) database technology and network solutions for the petrochemical industry. This department specialises in programs in C/C++/C#, Java, Java Script, PHP and Assembler, under all Windows versions including Server2008, Windows 7 and 8, Windows XP. In addition our software will run, Android and all Linux / Unix operating systems (Linux).

Our PDFCert program for paperless handling on nearly any handheld readers or "Pads" - (or any Pad / phone OS like Android, Windows, Linux and so on) The PDFCert is a electronic paper (looks like an exact copy of existing paper sheets) used on the Tablet and this program replaces paper, as well as Word for Windows and will allow users to actively sign off directly on the Tablet (Tick boxes, drop-down, free text, handwriting (translate into machine characters), mark-up and wet-signatures (like on credit-cards) - and so on.

Our Tablet solution allow work off-site without any connection - then when back and in range of a valid network - be re-synchronized with the Server and task performed will be updated as well as new tasks transferred back to the Tablet. A perfect tool for remote activities in places where there are no network / Internet access available.

With the increase in work being undertaken in Petrochemical and Mining projects in Australia, Complan Resources Pty Ltd was set-up in Perth (Australia) in 1998 to supply and service future and current Australasian clients. Complan USA LLC was established in 2004 to service all operations in Americas. Complan has an affiliated office in Singapore to service central Asia with WinPCS system solutions and experienced trained personnel. This office will supply a diversity of qualified personnel from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and other central Asia countries.

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