WinPCS is a Windows based Project Management & Certification System to maintain and report the completion and certification status of a Project to ensure that:

WinPCS is a network and object - structured database management system for maintaining the engineering data and certification status for large or complex projects. WinPCS has a full set of engineering data for each discipline containing all relevant equipment information. (like data-sheets, etc.) In addition there are data registers that hold all references (project coding, systems, areas - etc.), documentations, procedures, tests, scanned images, pictures and so on. For each phase of the project, equipment - (all disciplines - and types) will have a specific set of procedures and tests attached - inspection and work that has to be done. Since WinPCS contains most of these tests and procedures all scope of work can be planned well in advance for all phases.

Data Management & Control


The management and control of information and data is vital to the successful operation of the completions and commissioning activities. The data population of WinPCS therefore must be coordinated and controlled at each location, ensuring that information and data is checked and validated routinely. There will be information updates throughout the life of the project, and it is proposed that completions system management may be a Project single point responsibility at each location. Complan can supply a dedicated Windows NT server with all necessary software and with a configuration optimised to the requirement of the project.

Data Format

WinPCS has a built in "Lexical" analyser to ensure that all data entered or updated conforms to the Engineering Data Classification Coding system as set-up by the Project.

Data Transfer

WinPCS has build-in powerful data-capture applications and has established routines to perform the following data transfer functions:

Data Coordination

WinPCS is ideally suited to coordinate and maintain the engineering data from multiple engineering and fabrication contractors, and vendors.

Where necessary WinPCS software may be issued to vendors and contractors to ensure that all requirements for data are met and to verify that the supplied data is controlled to comply with the format specified in the Project procedures.

Data Management

WinPCS can independently monitor the following:

In addition WinPCS has an efficient method for the entry/update of engineering data established during the Construction and Completions of the Project to ensure that the field/operator’s requirements for data are met.

WinPCS is able to maintain and list all documents related to each tag, system/sub-system Completions and handover package.

In addition the WinPCS has the following interfaces in order to store and retrieve data from other mediums, in particular for use in the generation of commissioning procedures and operations manuals.


 WinPCS has been developed further and nearly all the code have rewritten to meet new standards and to be able to run WinPCS over the internet. In addition, we have been aiming at greater independence with regard to platform (Windows/Linux) and other databases. Furthermore we have taken the experience over the years and included other useful functionality that has the potential of greatly reducing required manpower as well as the number of user errors that may occur when handling vast amounts of data and documents.

WinPCS-32 now includes an option, scanning software with Barcode recognition that can be used with signing off, organising and storing all procedures and documents produced by WinPCS when work is completed in the field by technicians.

This option will save the project thousand of hours in simplified handling and statusing of all documents. At the same time the project will have a full electronic copy of all installation, calibration records, functional tests and certificates. (WinPCS will serve as a Certification and document Portal) 


WinPCS been developed to perform the following print functions:



Licensing of Software

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